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Walther PPK air pistol Blowback

This model of the Walther PPK/s is very similar to the old model, but with the distinct change of the co2 loading method. This model now features a hidden screw which is tightened with a special tool, instead of the large visible knob which was seen on the old model.

The PPKs is a blowback pistol which means the slide shoots backwards on each shot to reload the next BB, which provide a great sense of realism and is huge fun. The frame of the pistol is full metal which gives it a very good weight, and also ensures that the moving parts won't wear as quickly as the plastic models can.

The pistol fires 4.5mm steel BBs from a plastic magazine which drops out from the bottom of the pistol and can hold 15 rounds. The trigger is a single action unit and a manual safety helps to prevent accidental discharge.

.177 Ball Bearing firer

Blowback model

Uses the readily available 12 gram CO" bulbs.


How To Buy

Due to government legislation introduced in 2007, we regret we are unable to sell guns mail order over the internet therefore all purchases must be made over the counter at our sports store in Bury, Lancashire. You must be 18 years old or over and please bring in 2 forms of ID with you including your current address. A photo card driving licence is ideal.

*Very important*.... We always endevour to keep a large comprehensive stock of both air rifles and pistols, as well as accessories, but obviously, because the choice of guns from all the various manufacturers is so huge, running into several hundreds, not every gun listed on our website can actually be in stock, especially the more expensive models, although most can usually be obtained in a couple of days, or in some instances the very next day, if held in stock at our suppliers.

This of course has the added advantage for you, in that you will receive your new gun factory fresh in a box. Therefore we would strongly advise that BEFORE travelling, telephone us on 0161 764 1915 to check and make sure we have your requirements to avoid disappointment.

 A 20% deposit would be required, with your special order. You do not need any form of gun licence to purchase an air weapon in England, however please note the points above.

As a responsible long established business, dealing in air guns since 1959, we must make you aware that air weapons can only be used on private land with the permission of the land owner.

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