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Air guns, rifles & pistols in Bury, Manchester, Lancashire.

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Do I need any form of licence from the police to own an air gun?What minimum age do I have to be to purchase?Where can I shoot my gun legally?Are you a registered firearms dealer?How long have you been selling air guns?Why should I buy my gun from you?Why don't you stock EVERY gun on your website?Why do I need to bring in ID?Prices.Do you sell blank firing air pistols?

Do I need any form of licence from the police to own an air gun?

None of the guns we sell on our website or instore require a licence as they are all under the legal limit of 12ft lbs.

Please  read this:-


What minimum age do I have to be to purchase?

You must be 18 years OR OLDER....proof of age will be required before you purchase.

Where can I shoot my gun legally?

You may only shoot your weapon on private land, either owned by you OR with the land owners express permission. You can not shoot your gun in any public place, such as "In the woods" or "down the canal" for example as this is a very serious offence carrying HEAVY PENALTIES and a possible CRIMINAL RECORD. As a responsible retailer we have placed several notices around the shop bringing this to your attention.  Shooting is a great hobby and we do not want any of our customers to get on the wrong side of the law. We highly recommend joining an approved air gun shooting range/club, one of which can be found in most local towns, for example, Bury, Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham, Burnley, Blackburn etc.

Are you a registered firearms dealer?

Yes, but only for air weapons...NOT shotguns or air weapons over 12ft lbs.

How long have you been selling air guns?

We are one of the longest established dealers in Lancashire, in business since 1959. We have sold literally thousands of air guns in that time, customers come back to us time and time again.

Why should I buy my gun from you?

Quite simply because we will look after you before and after purchase, and are a friendly family company where you will speak to one of the the actual owners . We want YOUR business, so will go the extra mile to look after you. If you have a problem or question, we are a telephone call away.

In addition, we have been selling air guns in the Manchester area since 1959, far longer than anyone else, so have unrivalled experience, thousands of rifles and pistols have found happy and satisfied owners.

As the old saying goes, if you like our service, tell your friends, if you don't, tell us, and we will do our utmost to address any issues you may have.

When you visit our store, we do not "breathe down your neck", you can inspect our large stock at your leisure, and if you have a question we will do our best to answer it honestly.

We are five minutes from Junction 2 on the M66, with plenty of cheap parking nearby.

Postcode BL9 0LQ.

Why don't you stock EVERY gun on your website?

Quite simply because the choice is so vast, it would not be practical, we only have so much room in our shop, and besides we can usually get any gun we advertise within a few days, sometimes the next day, if it is ordered early enough...factory fresh in a box.

If for any reason, say for instance the manufacturer/distributor is unable to supply, or there will be a slight delay, we will be 100% honest and upfront with you, so you can decide if you wish to proceed with the order.

This is why we ask you to to CHECK AVAILABILITY before travelling, to avoid a wasted journey. Contact us on 0161 764 1915.

Why do I need to bring in ID?

To fulfil the requirements of the 2007 VCR firearms act. Your name and address have to be logged in a special book, which is open to Police inspection at any time. Please don't forget to bring it in as you cannot BY LAW purchase without it.


As prices from our suppliers are sometimes subject to weekly/monthly variation, due to many factors, Brexit, currency fluctuations general inflation,, all prices may be subject to change, (Either up or down) at the time of purchase, but were correct when the item was added to our website. 

Do you sell blank firing air pistols?

Sorry no, although we do sell the blanks for them.